Despite A Lockdown, Stray Dog Always Has Something To Eat Thanks To This Cafe!

Despite A Lockdown, Stray Dog Always Has Something To Eat Thanks To This Cafe!

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and forced restaurants to shut down, Dulci Barbosa’s cafe in Brazil was one of the places affected.

But even with their doors closed there was one customer who was still allowed to come in and get their share of the meal. A stray dog named Deneres. The dog started frequenting the place last year and the cafe owner, Barbosa always had some food to offer her. Barbosa would have loved to do more for Deneres but she already had three rescue pups at her home and she couldn’t take in more.

However, the cafe owner made sure that Deneres never lacked something to eat even when the cafe was shut down. She would go to the restaurant and leave something for Deneres to find when she came by. When Barbosa was finally able to open the restaurant last week, Deneres was one of the first customers to show up.

In one of the videos shared by Barbosa on her Instagram, you can see Deneres rush to greet her friend excitedly.

From looking at her, Barbosa could tell that the dog was nursing some puppies. And sure enough, Deneres finally decided to introduce her babies to Barbosa.

The puppies were as excited to meet Barbosa perhaps well aware of how good she had been to their mother. They would have, without doubt, had a rough time during the pandemic if Barbosa hadn’t been as kind-hearted. And her generosity doesn’t end there. Barbosa has now ramped up her efforts and is looking for adoption homes for the new family.

“I’ve already started campaigns to get them adopted,” Barbosa said. “We’ll get it done. I’m certain we’ll find them homes.”

Well, I agree with her. Her gestures are too big and inspiring to be ignored.

Feature Image Source: Dulci Barbosa

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