Determined Stray Pup Spots Climbers And Follows Them 23,000 Feet Up A Mountain!

Determined Stray Pup Spots Climbers And Follows Them 23,000 Feet Up A Mountain!

As far as climbers go, Don Wargowsky is passionate and avid. One day, he was requested to lead the way through two Nepalese mountains – Baruntse and Mera Peak – for an international climber expedition. The expedition was set to last 34 days.

At about 18,00 feet above sea level, 10 days into the journey, climbers were surprised when they came across a stray dog in the middle of the quiet path. Wargowsky realized that she was one of the few pups he has seen in a village that they had passed by. Somehow, this pup managed to follow them all the way up through a treacherous climb!

It’s not the first time that Wargowsky has had a pupper follow him as he goes on climbs, but this pup – later named Baru – was something else. She’d managed the climb all on her own and was filled with confidence. Wargowsky loved the idea of her following them and being a companion throughout the expedition, but he realized how dangerous and difficult that would be for her.

But as the nights passed, Baru proved she was no typical pup. She was a little too nervous to join any climbers in their tents the first night, but from then on she slept next to Wargowsky in his tent every night. She managed the climb for the entire trip, crushing everyone’s thoughts that she wouldn’t be able to make it. Wargowsky happily split all his meals with her.

As the expedition began to come to a close, Wargowsky and Baru became close, and he was anxious at the thought of leaving her behind. But he also knew that his little apartment wouldn’t give her what she needed. That’s when Kaji, the base camp manager for the climbers, offered to adopt her!

It took a good amount of cash and many days to get Baru to her new forever home, but everyone was very aware that she was worth it.

Wargowsky will be visiting her in her brand new house in autumn!

Images & Feature Image Source: Don Wargowsky

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