Diva Dog Doesn’t Like The Flavor Snow Cone Her Mom Bought

Diva Dog Doesn’t Like The Flavor Snow Cone Her Mom Bought

Lola didn’t always have a glamorous life. She was a shelter dog who experience some rare complications after being spayed. This left her unable to walk, though after a few months she started to recover slowly. She was placed with a foster family who was able to continue her physical therapy weekly and there she stayed for two years.

When they realized they could not live without her, she was officially adopted and became a full-time family member. She now lives on a farm with other rescues and has developed a diva personality.

Today, she’s been with the family for over six years and has an amazing life. She requires being tucked in at night and is fun-natured. She snores when she’s awake and has the cutest face. She’s used to being spoilt by her forever family.

Lola gets to go out for snow cones often, at Pelican Snowballs in North Fort Myers. This is a very exciting time for her, especially when she gets her favorite flavor: chicken broth with a milk bone on top. Recently, the family went to get snow cones, however, she didn’t get her favorite flavor since she had an upset stomach the night before.

Her mom ordered a plain snow cone and thought that Lola would still enjoy it. Boy was she wrong. Lola sniffed it then gave her mom “the look”. This diva had no intention of eating it and side-eyed her mom the whole way home.

Lola let the snow cone melt on the spot and didn’t look back at it. Can you imagine the conviction this takes? Hopefully, her mom will get it right next time for Miss Lola.

Images Source: Annie Belanger Burley

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