Do Dogs Enjoy Playing With Stuffed Toys?

Do Dogs Enjoy Playing With Stuffed Toys?

Coming home to a house scattered with white fluff often has us burying our faces in our hands. “Why, oh why!”, we think to ourselves as we slowly pick up the shredded mess. For some reason, most dogs seem to be in love with soft toys, or plushies.

But what is the reasoning behind it? Are there other toys out there that they would love just as much, that would also not have us vacuuming and replacing on a regular basis? Thankfully, research has given us answers! When it comes to plushies, some pups simply love these soft toys because they are easy to pull apart.

Other dogs have an instinctive sense of fetching and chewing these toys, or it can even be that they find an affectionate bond that they were lacking from their mother. The reasons truly are endless. Luckily, there are alternatives that dogs are shown to like which would be less of a mission to deal with! These are as follows:

  • Fetch toys: because most dogs love to play fetch, this toy could be a great investment and release energy and excitement built up in the house
  • Chew toys: chew toys, or super chew toys, are specifically designed for a chomping canine. They are made of durable materials and are a good choice for a dog with a chewing tendency
  • Thinking or puzzle toys: these toys are fantastic for exercising your canine companion’s brain. They engage your four-legged friend’s problem-solving skills and are more challenging than most toys

If you feel you want a bit of everything, there are combination boxes available that include a variety of toys for your pupper to immerse himself in!

What is your dog’s favorite toy? Share a picture with us in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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