Do Dogs Get Tired Of Eating The Same Food Every Day?

Do Dogs Get Tired Of Eating The Same Food Every Day?

If you have a dog you know that they aren’t usually picky. From the typical kibble to wet food, to table scraps, to anything outside they find, dogs will eat it all.

Some dog parents let their dogs eat table scraps and others have set feeding schedules with the normal average dog food. However, there are occasions that dog parents will pamper their dogs with high-end food, that studies have shown might not be as good as we think.

Recently, some researchers have determined that the smell of dog food will tell you and your dogs all they need to know about the food. It all comes down to the smell of it that appeals to your dogs the most. For many dogs, the taste, appearance, and texture of their food don’t matter much. These studies that were conducted have shown that smell is the deciding factor for most dogs. If they are being given food that smells appealing, they are more likely to eat it faster than food that doesn’t have a nice smell.

For this study, researchers chose six adult beagles and gave them six different foods over the span of an hour. Each time they were fed, scientists determined how much they ate based on their smells. Some of the foods they fed these dogs were eaten three times as much as the others, and from there, they started to look into the different smells that were offered. The bottom line is that even though the brands of food offer great tastes, it all comes down to the smell.

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