Do Dogs Like Being In Cars?

Do Dogs Like Being In Cars?

Outside any establishment, you’re likely to see at least one dog waiting in a car for a long period of time. Sure, the windows may be down, the AC may be on, and they may seem safe from any risk of overheating – but is this something that should be done? Do dogs like being in cars for that long?

For simple errands, where you just need to leave your dog for 5 or 10 minutes, this isn’t typically a bad option. And in the summer months when it’s very hot or winter months when it’s very cold, you’ll probably want to leave your dog at home for safety reasons. But what about in the grey area in between? When is it okay to bring your dog along? How long is okay?

Here’s the thing – most dogs who are left in cars like this are anxious and on high alert. It’s why so many dogs that you see in cars bark easily. Basically, your dog is likely to be very stressed out as they wait for you to come back. If you leave the window cracked open, someone may even try to pet them – and who knows how they’d respond in this state of stress?

It’s up to you whether you bring your dog along for your errands or not, and how happy you think they’d be in a car. But for especially long trips, and for dogs with tendencies towards aggression, they may be better off left at home.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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