Do You Know Why Dogs Like Watching The TV So Much?

Do You Know Why Dogs Like Watching The TV So Much?

Dogs and people enjoy watching television! You may already know this about your dog. But what a dog may enjoy on TV varies. Did you know that leaving the television on while you are gone may actually help your dog?

If you have the TV on for background noise while you are at home, your dog gets used to having those sounds fill the house. When you leave for work, if you turn the TV off, then the house isn’t the same for your dog, and it may cause some anxiety or make them more stressed. Dr. Patrick Melese, a board-certified animal behaviorist, said that you should try to create an acoustical, visual environment for you dog that doesn’t clash with the norm.

Watching TV or having the sounds play in the background will help the time fly when you are gone. If having the TV on brings you comfort, then it will bring your dog comfort too – especially when you are gone. Dr. Melese suggests that you find out what programs your dog seems to enjoy by sitting with them for an hour in front of the television.

The improvements in technology (LCD screens and faster refresh rates) means that the images your dog sees on TV seem more real than they did a few years ago. So, your dog will react to the images it sees on the screen – they may even bark or wag their tails when they see another dog moving around! An easy-going dog, may not react, according to Dr. Melese.

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