Does Spaying And Neutering Harm Our Dogs?

Most of us with female four-legged pups have been through the frustration of having to isolate them during their time of heat, in a bid to veer off unwanted males and the consequences thereof.

If you have a male dog, you might have been in a situation where the neighbor’s female unexpectedly fell pregnant and the pups, uhm, look suspiciously similar to your beloved boy. When wanting to prevent breeding for both genders, the only real solution is sterilization. For female dogs, we refer to this as having them spayed. For male dogs, it is called neutering. However, a surgical procedure sounds scary and we sometimes wonder if it can cause future harm to our dogs.

Thankfully, research shows that sterilization procedures may actually be beneficial for some dogs in the long run. In female dogs, results have shown that spaying has lowered the chances of breast cancer and infections of the uterus. In male dogs, after spaying, there is no chance of testicular cancer or any type of infection. Now if you are considering sterilization, the best thing to do is to consult your local vet for the right time to perform the procedure. If you are still uncertain and do not feel ready, then take your time to think it through and do not feel ashamed to do so.

Our dogs are important family members to us, and no decision should be rushed into. Do your research and talk to others when you have questions. After all, we always want the best for our canine companions, don’t we?!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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