Does Your Dog Want Some Alone Time? Here Are 10 Signs To Look Out For (Part 1)

As humans, we often find ourselves wanting (or needing) some time to ourselves. This alone time allows us to think, clear our minds, or simply just take some desperately needed relaxation.

We, however, are not the only ones who need this time. Our canine companions may want some alone time too, and these are the signs that they may show:

1. Seeming stressed

If you dog seems stressed it could be a sign of needing alone time. We often forget the when we live in stressful households filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it rubs off on our furry-faced family members too.

2. A hidden dog

If you doggo seems to be staying away, or even hiding, it may mean that they simply need some “own time”. Give them the space they need and when they are ready, they will pop back out to play.

3. Strange or erratic schedule

Our dogs are creatures of habit. Although they do not diarize their daily schedules as we do, they still have internal patterns they follow. If your dog does not want to play with you during your normal playtime, it may just be a case of him needing downtime and we should be sure to respect it.

4. Odd behavior

If your dog displays an agitated expression or seems to be pacing around oddly, it may indicate they need some time to themselves. Let your dog be, and they should return to their normal selves in no time.

Does your dog display these behaviors? Let us know in the comments and watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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