Dog Brings Carrot For Her Horse Friend To Eat!

If there is one thing that both human and animal have in common, it would probably be our love for food! If we see something delectable in front of us, chances are our mouths will be watering in no time.

Another thing we love doing is sharing food with our friends and family, or even bringing them a meal out of love. This is true for animals too and a story of a dog and a horse proves this once again. On her way to visit a friend living on a farm, Tina LeVoir-Jones spotted the most adorable scene yet, a scene that appears to perhaps be a regular routine.

Taking out her phone, Tina captured a dedicated dog bringing a horse a carrot as a snack! The video Tina got shows the dark doggy with a bright orange blob in her mouth, running over to the horse with enthusiasm, and propping the carrot towards the horse’s mouth. It is obviously not to say this is a regular thing between two friends, but I am pretty sure most of us know that this most likely would not be a random act.

Tina LeVoir-Jones

Different types of animals forming bonds with each other is not an unusual occurrence, in fact, there have been numerous heart-warming stories of cats befriending dogs or even birds bonding with our canine companions. This story’s horse-dog bestie image is simply fantastic! Animals truly are remarkable beings, and the loyalty of our canine companions certainly reaches far beyond their human friends.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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