Dog Climbs In Hole In Tree And Makes It His Home!

Dog Climbs In Hole In Tree And Makes It His Home!

Although it has been over three years since Arlo’s family rescued him as a puppy, he still is just as energetic and outgoing as the day they met.

Arlo’s history is a sad story. For the entirety of the first year of his life, he was tied to a dog house and left outside. His mom, Bryce LaDuc theorizes that this is why he is the way he is now. He is simply making up for all the time he lost during his puppyhood.

Now he’s a curious and charismatic dog who loves going on adventures with his family. His favorite activities include hiking, swimming and simply exploring the world around him. This sometimes gets him into the silliest situations as he marches to the beat of his own drum and just wants to have a good time.

On this particular day, Arlo was out with his family as usual doing some exploring. They discovered a tree with a large hole in it and decided to take a look inside. All of a sudden, Arlo did the most unimaginable thing. He jumped right in!

His family didn’t realize what he was doing until he was actually in the hole. He just had to know what they were looking at inside the tree.

Arlo decided to stay in the tree for a little while and his family turned it into a mini photoshoot until he was ready to go. Till now, the family has no idea what lived there, but it was a good thing it was not home since Arlo would have probably startled it with all his excitement!

Image Credit: Instagram

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