Dog Deputized after Daring Rescue!

Dog Deputized after Daring Rescue!

Four-month-old Gunner was deputized this Fall after proving his mettle in a daring rescue.

On a regular walk with his dad, Richard Wilbanks in Estero, Florida, Gunner was snatched up in the jaws of an Alligator, and Richard was forced to wrestle the ‘gator to keep the pup from being eaten alive!

A video of the fight was captured by a bystander went viral overnight. Everybody saw just how brave both Gunner and Richard were. Including Carmine Dellaquilla of the Deputy Dogs program.

Dellaquilla was so impressed by Gunner’s bravery, she invited him to join the program at Lee County Sheriff’s Office, where he would be tasked with school bus safety, especially with regard to keeping children safe around water.

Wilibanks was incredibly excited to hear the news, and Gunner was over the moon too. After his show of bravery, there was no challenge too big for the pup to overcome, and he couldn’t wait to help the school kids be brave and safe just as he had himself.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office awarded Gunner with a gold shield along with the prestigious security role. The same office also deputized another dog in 2019, after finding him abandoned with tape over his mouth. They adopted him and named him Chance, and now the two deputy dogs keep each other company on their patrol.

What an honor!

Feature Image Source: Dog ‘O Day

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