Dog Dies Just Minutes After Receiving Routine Lyme Disease Vaccine

Dog Dies Just Minutes After Receiving Routine Lyme Disease Vaccine

The controversy around vaccine is far-reaching. Although there has been an uproar in questioning vaccination of young children, there have also been concerns raised around the topic of vaccinating dogs.

Many people believe it is unnecessary, while others believe it is in the best interest of the protection of the recipient and those interacted with. As per usual, people have flooded social media with conflicting points of view, some posting extreme cases (both good and bad). Yet the topic remains a sensitive one. This was the case for mom Monica Morency Hanaway, who was unfortunate to find herself in a situation on the negative side of the experience.

Monica had recently taken her pooch, Greg, for vaccines at a local vet in the Brighton area. Specifically speaking, she had taken him for the vaccine against Lyme Disease. This vaccine is a commonly administered one given to dogs all across the globe. Due to the novel coronavirus, Monica was not allowed to go into the vet practice herself, and Greg was taken in. Upon return, he was accompanied with a note saying which vaccine had been administered and that he was well.

What happened, however, tells a very different story. When Greg was returned, he did not seem well to Monica. He then, unfortunately, passed away in the car next to his mom. Shocked, panicked, and traumatized, Monica could not understand what had just happened. According to the vet, it can happen that a dog has an allergic reaction to a vaccine and that this was the suspected case.

I do not have the full, just preliminary, necropsy report as of yet, the timeline they gave me was 10 business days….

Posted by Monica Morency Hanaway on Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Monica now awaits the results of Greg’s autopsy. The story of Monica and Greg can perhaps remind us to do research and ask questions with our vets when it comes to the need for vaccinations.

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