Dog Enjoys Playing Baseball With Her Dad!

Dog Enjoys Playing Baseball With Her Dad!

Many dogs love playing fetch, and many dog parents enjoy playing it with them. There is this joy we experience seeing a dog run back with a ball after we throw it. However, it’s not every dog that enjoys playing with a ball. Some wouldn’t even make any move after you throw the ball.

Pepper is a blue heeler who loves playing ball with her dad. Her breed was created to be herders, so they enjoy carrying out tasks. Pepper’s skill with a ball is unique, and you can tell she genuinely enjoys it by watching her face as she plays.

Most dogs play ball by fetching it and returning it to whoever is playing with them. Pepper is different in the sense that she has a baseball bat she uses to hit the ball. She holds the bat steadily in her mouth and swings when it comes in her direction.

Pepper often hits the ball when she swings at it and can send it far. When you watch her playing, you can’t help but smile and applaud her.

Everyone loves a dog with nice skills. However, dogs don’t always just pick up skills. You have to teach them. Usually, they are happy to learn, especially when treats are involved.

Image Credit: YouTube

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