Dog Enjoys Relaxing In A Small Buckets Filled With Water

Dog Enjoys Relaxing In A Small Buckets Filled With Water

Every dog has a quirk, which sometimes can be a bit strange. The Austin Animal Center recently took to Facebook to share about a dog they consider a “certified weirdo.” The dog, Centaur, has an unusual hobby – he loves sitting in buckets filled with water.

While there isn’t anything usual about a dog who loves to cool off inside water since most dogs enjoy it, especially if the weather is hot, the issue with Centaur’s case is that he is bigger than the small buckets he loves getting into.

When the Austin Animal Center first wrote about Centaur’s love for getting into tiny buckets full of water, people advised them to get him a kiddie pool, and they did. However, the dog refused to give up his bucket for a larger bathing area.

“He absolutely loves the pool now. He especially likes to bob for treats in the pool and, of course, roll in the dirt once he gets out. he still likes to go in the bucket even with a pool available.” Kelsey Cler, the shelter’s marketing and communication program manager, said.

It didn’t take long for Centaur to find a forever home, thanks to all the publicity he got for his weird hobby. Of course, he moved to his new home with his bucket.

Image Credits: Austin Animal Center

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