Dog Goes On A Hilarious Autopilot Joy Ride In Dad's Tesla!

Dog Goes On A Hilarious Autopilot Joy Ride In Dad's Tesla!

Tesla self-driving cars are gaining popularity worldwide! This vehicle allows the driver to relax as the car calculates and determines safe driving in challenging situations, also providing increased safety in fatigued drivers.

One of the features of Tesla’s full self-driving suite is the “Summon”. What this does is provide the ability to allow the car to self-drive and come to you, based on your GPS location. The feature is particularly useful for those with physical ailments, restrictions, busy roads, obstacles, as well as bad weather. But what happens when we combine a self-driving car and a four-legged friend?

Well, in one instance it was comic relief! Recently, a dog parent had been out running errands and wanted to retrieve the car. To do this, he engaged the Summon feature through his smartphone app and waited for his car to arrive. In the meantime, this doggy dad’s canine companion had climbed into the front driver’s seat of the vehicle. When the car reversed out of the parking lot and came to its commander, it appeared as if the dog was driving all by himself!

Autopawlit from r/teslamotors

The hilarious scene made it seem as if this good boy was coming to pick up his favorite human. Of course, the car was in control the entire time, but boy did the event make for a hilarious video and humor among the crowd! Needless to say, the video of a man’s best friend coming to fetch his favorite human went viral on social media. What a good boy indeed!

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