Dog Goes Viral After Refusing To Leave Her Favorite Store

Dog Goes Viral After Refusing To Leave Her Favorite Store

We all have our favorite places in the world, including our dogs. Dogs can fall in love with certain places and often look forward to revisiting them.

One Alaskan Malamute named Nyx has an interesting favorite place – PetSmart. The pup loved the place so much that one day she didn't want to go back to her home!

Nyx insisted on staying at the store when her mom told her they were done shopping and it was time to leave. She didn't budge even when employees encouraged her to go home. As far as she was concerned, she still had things to do at the store and wasn't done shopping yet.

More people came around to get Nyx to leave, but she couldn't understand why they were trying to kick her out. Eventually, they had to carry her out when everything failed to get her to leave willingly.

Someone took a video of Nyx refusing to leave the store and posted it on TikTok, generating different reactions from viewers. While some viewers found the video funny, many were sympathetic towards Nyx.

"Hilarious! It's not just humans who love shopping!" one viewer commented. Another person wrote, "No wonder I don't see a bag with a toy in it lol he's not dun shopping."

Credit: TikTok

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