Dog Goes Window Shopping At Dollar General And Refuses To Leave

Dog Goes Window Shopping At Dollar General And Refuses To Leave

A local Dollar General store recently called the Bradenton Florida Police to report an unusual case of an individual who refused to leave their store, preventing them from closing.

The individual was a 135-pound dog who had spent several hours going around the store but refused to leave. Unknown to the store employees, the dog named Bentley lived a few blocks away and had broken through his home’s gate when his family was away. Bentley’s dad had been looking for him since he discovered the dog was missing.

A video captured on one officer’s body cam shows Bentley roaming around the store freely before heading to meet the police officers with a wagging tail. The pup was friendly with the officers; it was as though he just wanted to make new friends.

Thankfully, Bentley had a microchip, which made it easy for the officers to reunite him back with his dad.

This isn’t the time a dog would enter a Dollar General store. Some months back, a stray dog entered their North Carolina store five times to steal a unicorn stuffed animal.

When employees at the store called animal control, the officers ended up buying the unicorn stuffed animal for the dog.

Image Credit: YouTube

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