Dog Guides Rescuers To A Toddler Lost In An Arctic Forest

Dog Guides Rescuers To A Toddler Lost In An Arctic Forest

It is always a dire situation whenever a child goes missing. The word spreads quickly after a phone call, and suddenly, people gather to assist in searching.


No one understands this better than the parents of Karina, a four-year-old girl. Karina and her dog, Kyachaan, got lost and ended up in the Taiga boreal forest. As it got darker outside, the family and many others in the town became concerned because that forest was in the Arctic.

Numerous community members came together to search for Karina the first and the next day but were unsuccessful finding her. After searching for a week to no avail, they eventually started to worry that they would never find Karina again.

Karina spent 11 days wandering the woods in search of food and water with her devoted dog. Although she came upon some fruit and some fresh water that they could drink, it wasn't enough to keep them going.

Karina was fortunate to have Kyachaan with her because he protected her from the wild animals that are abundant in the Taiga forest. When it got chilly at night, he also helped in keeping her warm.

After 11 days, Kyachaan dashed into town and immediately led the rescuers to Karina. Rescuers found Karina in a patch of tall grass about 4 kilometres from the village. She wasn't hurt, but she was terrified and frail.

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