Dog Harness Or Dog Collar - What's Best For Dogs?

Dog Harness Or Dog Collar - What's Best For Dogs?

When debating on whether to get a collar or a harness, many dog parents are lost at which option to choose. If you are a brand new pet parent or want to switch things up while on a walk, there are many different options to choose from.

A collar will be secured around your dog’s neck, whereas a harness attaches to the body of your dog. A collar is a more traditional choice, but it might not always be the best. They are a great tool if your dog has a calm demeanor, but if they don’t know basic obedience or have lively energy, they won’t be helpful. The bottom line is that if your dog is well trained a collar will be perfect, but sometimes they are harmful.

In many cases, a harness is the best option for many dogs. Harnesses are recommended while on a walk, or for training purposes. The pull is much safer and will provide a better sense of stability when handling your dog. Additionally, they are also more comfortable. The only downside to a harness is that the leash will clip to the back of your dog’s body instead of at the neck, and might be difficult if the leash is longer. It’s an easy fix and getting a shorter leash is easy.

When making a final decision on which option is the best for your dog, you can speak to your vet or trusted dog trainer. It will also come down to the size of your dog and their obedience and control. In many cases, a harness is the best option, but some vets will urge dog parents to use a simple collar.

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