Dog Helps Dentist Mom By Acting As Office Greeter & Therapy Dog

Dog Helps Dentist Mom By Acting As Office Greeter & Therapy Dog

Several days a week, one-year-old Dwight, a Labradoodle, helps out at his mom’s dental clinic Sulens Dental Studio in Zanesville, Ohio, by acting as its greeter and therapy dog in exchange for yummy treats.

Even-tempered Dwight greets anxious patients and allows them to pet him as a comforting diversion while they’re being attended by his mom, who works as a dental hygienist. The lovable Labradoodle started his training as a therapy dog when he was only twelve weeks old and continues to train twice a week.

Dwight’s mom, however, knew he was made for this role from the moment she took him home. Although Dwight can be found playing and giddy over the usual things, he is mostly calm and pleasant to cuddle with. Jensen McVey, Dwight’s trainer, affirms this sweet demeanor and suitability for the role.

“Dwight is so much fun to work with. Every one of my employees loves working with him and loves seeing him come in,” McVey said.

It’s been discovered that 36 percent of people experience fear of dental clinics and Dwight is doing an amazing job helping to overcome this fear. This Labradoodle is often seen placing his paws up so that patients can pet him while sitting atop the dentist chair.

He also eagerly runs to the door to greet patients with an excited wag and smile. Agitated kids find Dwight’s presence comforting while staff regard him as a wonderful diversion.

Images & Feature Image Source: Jensen McVey

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