Dog Inherits $5 Million From Her Dad's Will

Dog Inherits $5 Million From Her Dad's Will

It seems as though being man’s best friend is quite lucrative, seeing that “good girl” Lulu has attained millionaire status following the passing of her 84-year-old parent; she’s even got more money than the widow of Star Trek’s dog!

Trust funds and the workings of a pup beneficiary are the legalese when a dog inherits a fortune from their deceased parent. Bill Dorris was a Tennessee businessman who passed away in late 2020 and his closest friends repeatedly say that he loved his border collie pup to pieces, and the hefty amount he left behind for her is in undefiable agreement with that.

When dogs inherit money they are the beneficiary and are entitled to all the benefits of the money. They have the oversight of the trustee who is the person named as the distributor of the money. The money is usually delivered by the trustee to the caretaker of the pup. In this case, Martha Burton had been Lulu’s caretaker long before Dorris’ passing.

As a businessman, Dorris would travel often which caused Lulu to be under Marsha’s care very frequently. Dorris’ will states that the $5 million must be in a trust that will be used for Lulu’s care and that she will stay with Marsha who will be compensated for her living expenses by the manager of the trust. Though she may be a millionaire, her new status doesn’t mean that she’s free to pamper herself and her trust manager will make sure of that.

Image Credit: Facebook

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