Dog Left In Abandoned School Finds Forever Home

Dog Left In Abandoned School Finds Forever Home

Ollie is a pit bull who was found in an abandoned school in October 2021. Though his backstory is unclear, his time abandoned in the school proved to be a harrowing experience. By good fortune, he was found by a good samaritan who initiated his escape and subsequent adoption into his forever home.

Regarding his background, it appears Ollie was a stray dog who found his way into an abandoned school. One day, a passerby heard his howls from the building and quickly contacted the Stray Rescue of St. Louis. The rescue group arrives immediately with team members; Donna, Natalie, and Scott, ready to rescue the dog. Coincidentally, the pup peered through a broken window once they arrived, making the task somewhat easier. However, they needed to find an entrance as most of them were boarded up.

After some time, it was decided that the only viable entrance was through the broken windows, so the team got a ladder, entered, and made their way towards the dog. The team members recall the eerie feeling they felt as they walked through the echoing hallways of the school; faded posters reading “Have A Great Summer!” lined the walls and class notes were scattered across the floors.

As they made their way, they followed the dog’s droppings, whistled, and peeped through classrooms, hoping to find him. Eventually, they made their way upstairs where they found the dog by a corner anticipating their arrival. He looked starved, but his tail wagged as the team put him on a leash and made their way out with him.

The rescue was complete, but there was greater work ahead- finding Ollie a family. Amid the search, Ollie was kept at a shelter. Not long after his family came in to adopt him, it was love at first sight. His new mom, Cassie, shares that since being adopted, his tail is constantly wagging and his days are filled with belly rubs, chew toys and fun walks.

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