Dog Mother Makes Long Journey From Florida To Fort Wayne For Her Beloved Dog

Dog Mother Makes Long Journey From Florida To Fort Wayne For Her Beloved Dog

The Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, or FWACC, has a lot of pets and strays surrendered to the organization. Recently, a dog named Capone was surrendered to the organization by his former parents who had moved to the area from Florida.

In accordance with their protocols, they checked Capone for a microchip. Usually, it has the details of the previous owners, or indicates that he was lost and rehomed. This is merely a precautionary measure. The scan revealed that Capone belonged to a woman who lived in Florida.

They reached out to her saying: “We said ‘we have your dog. We’re in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He’s at the shelter, and you are the legal owner because your information is linked to the microchip. Would you like to reclaim him or here’s the pathway’.

In no time, the woman responded and let them know that she would travel from Florida to Fort Wayne. Capone immediately recognized her and the reunion was an emotional one. Everyone was moved.

The shelter provided her with all the supplies required for a comfortable trip back to Florida. Capone was ready to go right away. The staff was impressed with how far the woman was willing to travel for her dog. It was a sign of a strong bond between them and proved how effective microchips are.

With that being said, the FWACC wishes to urge all pet parents to have their dogs microchipped. This increases their chances of being found and returned if they ever get lost. It isn’t even an expensive or painful procedure so please, think about it.

Images Credit: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control / Facebook

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