Dog Obsessed With Ice Gets A Bathtub Full Of It!

Dog Obsessed With Ice Gets A Bathtub Full Of It!

Our canine companions often take a liking to many things. Sometimes it may be a toy, certain food, or even a garden hose. Other times, however, they take a liking to the strangest things.

Four-legged family member, Whiskey, is a Husky who has taken a liking to ice! Yes, you read that correctly, ice! Whiskey was adopted by his family a few years ago and it did not take long for him to make it clear that he loved ice. When his mom realized this, she used to place a few ice cubes in his water bowl for him. In addition to the ice, Whiskey absolutely loves playing in the snow. A typical Husky breed activity.

Ironically though, he absolutely hates water (including baths!). Whiskey’s pet mom and her boyfriend decided to spoil their furry-faced friend with something he loved. They filled their bath with ice for him, knowing that when it melted it would drain out.

At first, Whiskey thought he was being brought in for a bath and immediately tried to make a run for it. When he eventually realized it was an ice bath, he jumped in and chewed away to his heart’s content. Whiskey was sprawled out in the bath in pure bliss. When the ice started melting, he was not hesitant to give his mom the stink-eye on his way out.

Even though it was short-lived, Whiskey was most certainly in his element! Oh, the things we do to keep our canine companions happy!

Feature Image Source: Kassie Massey

Image Source: Kassie Massey

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