Dog Overcomes Her Fear To Greet Her New Best Friend

Dog Overcomes Her Fear To Greet Her New Best Friend

One of Emily and Justin Thomas’s dreams was to move to a house with a garden big enough for their dog, Pax, to be able to play in. And in October of 2020, they finally managed to make that dream come true.

And they even had new neighbours they were very excited to meet. Not long after the Thomas’s moved, their neighbours got a puppy, Penny. And Pax fell in love with her on the spot. When they first met, back in March of 2021, Penny was just three months old.

And even though the neighbours decided to fence their yard, they put a gate in the back so that she could still play with Pax. The dogs would meet every day, giving each other kisses over the fence. They swap toys over the fence and have even played tug-of-war over it. Even though their parents always allow them to go in each other yards for playdates, they still can’t stay away from each other.

They will do whatever it takes to spend every minute together, even if a fence is separating them. The only thing that could stand in their way is rain or snow. Pax loves the snow, and he likes being outside even when it’s cold. But penny would do anything to avoid that weather. And every time it snowed, and Penny didn’t show up at the fence, Pax was heartbroken.

Pax’s parents couldn’t stand to see him like that, so they came up with a way to fix the situation. They shovelled a path from her house to the fence, so that she’d be more comfortable going outside. And, while she was hesitant at first, she still walked to the fence, just so that she could spend time with Pax.

Now, Penny has gotten over her dislike of snow, and she will never miss meeting Pax at the fence again.

Image Credit: Emily Thomas

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