Dog Refuses To Eat Food Until He Is Served Human Food!

Dog Refuses To Eat Food Until He Is Served Human Food!

My favorite food is Pilaf – a Swahili dish consisting of rice, veggies, meats, and spices. However, one time I ate it for three consecutive days, and on the fourth day, I couldn’t even bear the smell of it. See, no matter how much you love something, if you overdo it, you will ultimately get bored.

Now think about your dog. How long have you been feeding him the same type of food? You can’t even remember. And you wonder why sometimes he doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about feeding. Well, Zach Shepard, a dog parent, may just have discovered a really simple way to spice up your dog’s food. This is after he noticed that his dog Nitro didn’t want to eat his usual food but had no trouble eating human food in the refrigerator.

Perhaps out of desperation, Shepard took the dog food put it in the refrigerator, and gave it to Nitro. It worked like a charm. The dog gobbled it all up. Turns out, it’s not that Nitro loves human food more than he does his. It’s the act of taking the food from the fridge that intrigues him. Now, whenever Nitro refuses his food, Shepard just puts it in the refrigerator and gives it to him.

“I was genuinely surprised that it worked,” Shepard said. This is a great discovery given that human food coming from the fridge isn’t always recommended for dogs. If your dog has been having feeding problems you could try the simple mind game. If they are anything like Nitro, it may just have saved you a headache.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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