Dog Refuses To Speak To Mom After Unexpected Hair Cut!

Dog Refuses To Speak To Mom After Unexpected Hair Cut!

Giving your dogs a haircut will either go one of two ways – very well and successful, or absolutely horrible. For Roxy, a lovely pup with gorgeous curly hair, things went south real quick.

Most dogs benefit from haircuts every now and then, and Roxy was no different. When her mom, Eris takes her to the groomer, she usually gets a little trim. Roxy and Eris love her curly hair, so a trim is a perfect way to keep her clean and well-groomed, allowing her hair to stay beautiful.

Eris recently discovered that maybe this wasn’t Roxy’s best option. After a few times of short trims, Eris started to realize that her hair was getting matted around the ears. Before Roxy never had her ears touched or trimmed, so when the groomer started to go this direction, Roxy was startled.

Once her cut was all done, Eris came to pick her up and Roxy seemed fine about the change of plans. Unfortunately, this all changed when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and did not love what she saw. As Roxy was getting into the car, she saw herself in the mirror and immediately started to give Eris the cold shoulder.

She did look a bit like an alpaca, with a curly head of hair and ultra-short ear hair, to which Roxy seemed to think as well. Eris noticed that Roxy was acting different and took a video showing the cold shoulder she was getting on the car ride home. After a few minutes of radio silence, Roxy finally came around and started to like how she looked and forgave Eris!

Image Source: Instagram/ErisBrooke

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