Dog Refuses To Take Parents' Wedding Seriously, Steals All The Limelight!

Some of our canine companions absolutely love the spotlight. The more attention the better! They roll on their backs and get up to all kinds of antics to make sure they are always being noticed.

Be it birthday parties, special events, or even weddings, you can be sure that they will go to any lengths never to be left behind. On a beautiful day at the Brown Mountain Beach Resort, Rebecca Simpson and Charlie Hart were exchanging vows.

Alongside them was their canine companion, Bernie. Bernie was oh so delighted to be a part of the special day and was even lucky enough to be included in the photoshoot. However, Bernie was not the type for serious photos and made sure to express his crazy antics throughout the entire shoot!

After all, he could not let all the attention go to the newlyweds. Bernie went straight into the water behind the couple, leaping and bounding around. Thankfully, the photographer was on board to let Bernie do his thing, and he certainly made for some entertaining photographs!

After the photoshoot, Bernie was back at the reception stealing the hearts of the guests and lapping up as much attention as he could. This mischievous dog had other plans for that day, but his antics kept the photos realistic and special. He provided the couple and guests with entertainment but was probably equally as thrilled having the spotlight on himself more than once.

What would our lives be without the mischievous antics of our favorite dogs?

Images & Feature Image Source: Jillian Knight

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