Dog Rescued From 25-Foot-Deep Well By Firefighter In Prince George's County

Reporting from District Heights in Prince George County, Chippy the dog was at his lowest point; both literally and figuratively.

Having been stuck in a dark and narrow 25-foot-deep well for two days, no-one could’ve imagined what the poor pup was going through; luckily, he was soon uplifted from his demise by local firefighters.

When alerted of Chippy’s problem on a Saturday afternoon, Prince George’s County Fire/ EMS Department bolted to the scene. On arrival, beholding the old well surrounded by verdant, lush lawn, the area looked perfect for the pup to play around in. Such areas should be watched out for by dog parents as it poses a risk of dogs falling down underground with little to no ability of getting back up.

However, more difficulty soon arose when making many attempts to pull him up, which fell short; revealing that Chippy wanted a personal encounter. That is when a brave Firefighter suited up in protective gear and supplied air and made his way down the old well to meet with him. With good prompting, it wasn’t long till the firefighter was seen again; this time with his reason for going down 25-feet underground.

Successfully, he and little Chippy emerged safely from the well. Bringing great delight to Chippy’s family and many thanks to the Prince George’s County fire, who caught all the action in detail on their Twitter: @PGFDNews!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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