Dog Sees Adoptable Kitten And Immediately Falls In Love!

Dog Sees Adoptable Kitten And Immediately Falls In Love!

For many families, dogs and cats usually aren’t known to get along. There are always stories of these two not meshing well, or fighting over spaces.

For Kelsey and her family, getting a cat wasn’t solely their decision. While she and her husband were shopping at PetSmart in search of a cone for their dog prior to surgery, they walked past the store’s cat selection, where two kittens were up for adoption. To their surprise, their dog, Paisleigh, was immediately drawn to one of the cats.

They instantly fell in love and had a special connection right off the bat, even through the glass cage. As soon as Paisleigh took a liking to this cat, her parents knew they had to adopt him. From there, the family decided to take the cat straight home. Because of Covid-19, the family wasn’t able to play with the cat or meet him before they decided to adopt him, but they took the leap of faith anyway and adopted him solely for Paisleigh and his connection.

Once they got home, Oliver, which they decided to name him, got to finally meet Paisleigh face to face. Again, right from the start, they hit it off. Oliver and Paisleigh acted like they had known each other their whole lives. At first, Paisleigh would lick Oliver all over, while he was purring and cuddling. They spent the next four hours together cuddled up in bed before Oliver met his other siblings.

Their other dogs also fell in love with Oliver, just as Paisleigh did. Their parents knew they would all get along but could’ve never imagined it would happen quite like this.

Images Source: Kelsey Gilland

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