Dog Has Heatsroke Because She Was Mercilessly Chained Up In Hot Sun Without Water

Dog Has Heatsroke Because She Was Mercilessly Chained Up In Hot Sun Without Water

What comes to mind when you think of an American Pit Bull Terrier? A stocky, muscular, and gently ferocious creature. But that is not the image Penny strikes when you see her.

She looks like a dog that has undergone millions of storms. And each storm leaves her more broken. You can tell by her uncharacteristic small body frame. Her protruding ribs that stick out like a sore thumb. She is hungry and dehydrated. Extreme dehydration that results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Penny was found chained up in the sun at their home in Lake County. She couldn’t even stifle out a bark. Just a dejected whine of pain and suffering.

Her rescuers, The Lake Humane Society, says that she struggled to stand and had trouble breathing. Apart from being underweight, Penny also has kidney and liver problems. This is a common occurrence if your body is severely lacking water. The good news is that she has been taken away from her abusive “owners”. The bad news is that The Lake Humane Society does not have enough resources to nurture Penny back to full health.

So, they need your support.

Just this week, her hind legs collapsed. Now she needs radiographs so that the medics can establish the best treatment plan for her. In the meantime, Penny is on a special kidney diet and the doctors are administering antibiotics and liver medications. This is enough to keep her comfortable but ultimately she will need full medical care if she is to go back to her former self. Penny is just one-year-old and has her whole life ahead of her.

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