Dog Survives Hurricane Ian While Stranded On RV's Roof For 9 Days

Dog Survives Hurricane Ian While Stranded On RV's Roof For 9 Days

Two weeks ago, Hurricane Ian smashed into Southwest Florida, bringing devastating winds and flooding. The storm surge in some places was 15 feet, and the sustained winds were 150 mph. One dog, nevertheless, made it through on an RV's roof in one of the hardest-hit locations.

Numerous locations, including The River Acres community, are still underwater due to the unprecedented floods in DeSoto County. The region can only be reached by boat, as the water is barely chest-deep.

Fortunately, a local noticed the lost puppy and called the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office for assistance.

"The RV was located in the River Acres community, one of many areas severely impacted by flooding," the Sheriff's department posted.


Officers knew they had to move quickly because the dog had gone for nearly nine days without food or water. To reach the puppy, they scaled the RV after wading through the deep water. The dog was clearly exhausted when one of the officers brought him back to the boat. However, aside from being skinny, he appeared unharmed.

"The dog was turned over to DeSoto County Animal Control where it now has access to water, food, and shelter," rescuers shared.

The dog's rescue brought relief to locals and visitors alike, who also expressed gratitude to the courageous rescuers. Hopefully, he should soon be reunited with his family soon.

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