Dog Takes The Bus To The Dog Park Every Day And Even Has Her Own Bus Pass!

Often getting distracted by our phones or noise outside, we immediately stop what we are doing and give our full attention over to go investigate that.

Much like us, many of our dogs do the same. But the diligence and self-discipline of our dogs at times surpasses that what we as dog parents have, and most definitely deserves recognition! Eclipse, from Seattle, has earned her reputation as being Seattle’s bus-riding dog. With her bus tag attached to her collar, she climbs the bus every morning and visits the local dog park.

Does she need her parents? No. Does she run off and bother other dogs? Most certainly not! Eclipse carefully climbs the morning bus, takes her seat without bother, and does the same on her way home. It all started when her dad Jeff took long to get onto the bus, so she climbed on and let him catch up with her on the next ride!

Realizing how diligent she is, Jeff made arrangements with the bus driver and local policemen to allow her to visit the dog park alone. They agreed, as long as she behaved herself, which she always has. Today, Eclipse is social media famous and continues her journeys and park visits with full enjoyment, putting a smile on people’s faces as she trots along doing her thing.

Sometimes, a quality visit to Mother Nature is what we really need for our souls. I think it goes without saying that Eclipse finds this equally as enjoyable, finding solace in the surrounding greenery!

Images & Feature Image Source: Eclipse Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

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