Dog Travels Around The World With Nomadic Parents Who Rescued Her

Dog Travels Around The World With Nomadic Parents Who Rescued Her

A woman has narrated how she helped rescue some dogs in 2016 and formed an amazing relationship with one of the pups. The woman said she got a call from her friend, informing her that she had found an emaciated mother dog with six puppies in the middle of the mountainous jungle region between Vietnam and Cambodia.

“That same afternoon, I drove into the jungle on my motorbike to go look at the pups, and when I arrived, six terrified little potatoes of around 4-weeks-old waddled about anticipating food,” she said, narrating the story to The Animal Rescue Site.

One of the pups stood out for her – a cute brown pup who wandered to her for a little sniff. She knew then and there that she’d love to adopt the dog, although it wouldn’t be easy since she and her husband lived a nomadic life on the road. She decided to take on the challenge anyway and named the little cutie Olive.

“Olive proved to be the perfect puppy – and so incredibly smart! She learned over 70 commands in the first half year we had her, and she was so social and sweet. She was everything I ever hoped for in a dog!” she said.

Since Olive was adopted, she has traveled to over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, South America, and Middle America.

Image Credit: Steffanie van Twuijver

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