Dog Uses Hole In Fence To Play Fetch With Neighbors!

Dog Uses Hole In Fence To Play Fetch With Neighbors!

It was just another normal day for Jessica Renee Silvey and her family who had gone visiting her sister. They were in the backyard hanging in the pool when their attention was drawn to a furry snout sticking through a hole in the fence.

Silvey immediately recognized that the snout was a dog’s and upon closer inspection realized that the dog was holding a ball in his mouth. Then when she was close enough, the dog dropped the ball. An unmistakable invitation to play fetch. So, she did what anybody else would do in her situation. She picked the ball and threw it on the dog’s side of the fence.

And thus, began the game of fetch between the two strangers. Later, Jessica talked to her sister, Adrienne Anderson, and learned that the dog’s name was Harper. Anderson also revealed that her family had been playing fetch with Harper since they moved into the house. Interestingly, Harper was the bridge between her parents and the Anderson family.

“We were overjoyed when we first realized we could play with Harper through the fence. We had just moved in that December and hadn’t met Harper’s owners yet until we started playing with her,” Anderson says. The neighbors are now good friends and occasionally exchange texts about Harper and her antics. The dog’s love for the game is unquenchable. She couldn’t get enough of it playing with her parents and so she made the hole in the backyard. It’s been there for a long time but we can correctly assume that it won’t be fixed anytime soon.

Feature Image Source: Jessica Renee Silvey

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