Dog Waits 260 Days in a Shelter Before Finding a Home

Dog Waits 260 Days in a Shelter Before Finding a Home

Big Mac was put under the care of the McKamey Animal Centre in December. As his name implies, he is quite a large dog, but his stature encases his nervous and sensitive personality which made shelter life a little tricky for him to navigate.

Nonetheless, his story has a happy ending that came about as a result of patience and perseverance. December was a tough time for Big Mac who is an American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. His first family handed him over to the McKamey Animal Centre located in Chattanooga, Tennessee because they were moving and found that they didn’t have time for him anymore.

Though unfortunate for the pup, Lauren Mann, who is the advancement manager at the shelter, noted that Big Mac’s issues with trust were instantly noticeable. A dog can develop a trust issue if they are given up by their family. Life in a shelter usually results in less socialization especially if it is understaffed and the dog receives little attention.

Dogs have a sense of routine and so breaking the routine in which quality attention is given is a let down for them. However, dogs are so forgiving and can open up again if given some time, this is how Big Mac came around. Gradually, Big Mac would warm up to receiving treats and then he’d be more interactive in the play yard. Despite him becoming the shelter’s longest resident, 260 days later his new parents came to take him home.

Big Mac’s new parent is one of the shelter’s volunteers, after taking him in she reports that he slept safe and sound on his first night and that he made instant friends with the other dogs and cats in the family. Months ago he was nervous and wary of interacting with people, now he’s the most playful in his family.

Image Source: McKamey Animal Center

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