Dog Who Loves Sticks Asks A Tree For One!

Dog Who Loves Sticks Asks A Tree For One!

Brooke Ferguson and her family have always wanted a dog, and their dream came true 7 months ago. She decided to adopt adorable Indy (short for Indiana Bones) a few months back, and have loved learning more and more about him.

Brooke says that he is a very calm and sleepy kind of boy, but when sticks are involved, all bets are off. She jokes that Indy would be able to pick up a log because he has the jaws of a beast and loves to play around with sticks. One day, after it snowed, Indy couldn’t find any of his usual sticks in the yard, so he decided to go directly to the tree and get some himself. He found a nice stick and decided to claim it as his own, but unfortunately, that stick was attached to a larger branch, which was attached to a whole tree.

Indy didn’t seem to care and relentlessly tried to take the branch off their backyard tree. Brooke recorded Indys endeavor, and couldn’t stop laughing at how hard he was trying. She said that in the end he managed to take off about 12inches of one branch, and tried about 6 or 7 more times. In the end, he got a bit of the stick that he claimed, but the branch was still safely on the tree for the most part.

Brooke says that Indy still tries to take the rest off, but hasn’t been successful yet. She jokes that Indy would be perfect for a rocky montage, training for the day that he can rip the whole branch off their tree.

Images Source: Brooke Ferguson

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