Dog Who Was Thought To Be Missing Was Actually Stuck In His Own Poop

In the animal kingdom, and this includes us, there is a very strong connection between mind and body. The psyche is very much connected to our physical abilities.

We are even taught to speak to ourselves when we’re hesitant about our capabilities or to seek help from a psychologist if the problem is too large for us to handle. Our furry friends also have minds and are therefore able to think. So, it stands to reason that they should also need counseling from time to time. Ever heard the expressions “to be frozen with fear’ or ‘paralyzed with panic”? These can refer to both humans and dogs.

A clear case of this is the story of a certain canine who, upon unfortunately sitting in his own poop, was so traumatized that he was unable to move. This is a prime example of the mind/body connection.

His brain told him something too awful to contemplate had happened and his body reacted by simply shutting down. The humiliation was simply unbearable. This poor fellow spent a good few hours in the freezing cold until he was located by his very concerned parents.

Fortunately, they sought help immediately and lavished him with love and attention after naturally cleaning the affected area and thereby restoring his self-pride. Turns out the affected hound had a father and grandfather with the same affliction, which goes to show that the problem can lie in the genes.

Forewarned is forearmed – the family was familiar with the problem and knew how to deal with it. Never underestimate the power of the mind!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Credit: Facebook

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