Dog With Terminal Cancer Goes On The Greatest Road Trip With Her Dad

For most of us, our fur-faced companions are more than just a dog. They are family, friends, companions, and our greatest supporters.

We love them just as much as we love any family member, and when they get sick, we frantically find a way to make them feel better as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, not all illnesses are curable, and sometimes all we can do is be by their side until they finally let go. As upsetting as it is to know that your dog is ill, it does not mean their final months should be filled with doom and gloom.

In fact, nothing stops us from making it the best few months our dogs have ever experienced! Over in Nebraska, Robert has received the heart-breaking news that his chocolate Labrador Bella had terminal cancer, with only six months to live.

With his heart shattered, Robert spent some time thinking about what the best thing was that he could do for Bella. He eventually decided that his life companion deserved the best adventures she could have during her final few months.

Robert took Bella across numerous states, visiting towns, landmarks, and playing in parks more than they had ever played in before. When the last days of her prognosis approached, Robert began making preparations for her to go out of this world in peace. But as the days went by, Bella kept on going and didn’t seem to be getting weaker!

Days became months, and Bella is still going strong, a whopping year and a half over her prognosis time. An absolute miracle! Whether it was the playful adventures or grace alone, Bella lives on, proving that miracles truly can happen!

Images & Feature Image Source: Robert Kugler Facebook/ABC 10

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