If Your Dog Gets Too Stinky, You Might Want To Try This DIY Dry Shampoo!

If Your Dog Gets Too Stinky, You Might Want To Try This DIY Dry Shampoo!

Pups can be pretty smelly, and bathing them isn’t always easy! During the winter, it’s not usually possible to bathe your pup.

Even during other seasons, it can be difficult to find time to bathe your pup weekly, much less doing so without drying out his skin. So why not make your own dry dog shampoo for these times?

Baking soda makes for an excellent dry shampoo for pups, and you can use it straight out of the container just as it is if you like! However, if you’d like to make it smell nice, then you can add in an essential oil. To do this, fill a container with ¼ cup of baking soda, add a few drops of oil, then add another ¼ cup of baking soda and finish with a few more essential oil drops! Stir it really well and you have your own awesome DIY dry dog shampoo!

To use the shampoo, sprinkle it over your pup’s coat and rub it in thoroughly. The aim is to massage it onto your pup’s skin and get past his fur. After you’ve achieved this, let the powder sit for a minute or two, or up to five if your pup has worked up a real stink. Once that’s done, brush the powder all the way out, making sure there’s none of it left by running your hand through your pup’s fur in the direction opposite to how his fur grows. Keep doing this until you no longer feel any grittiness.

Now your pup smells great, and it barely took any time at all! Enjoy this awesome DIY dry shampoo method, and do share it around if it was helpful to you!

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