Dogs Share A Warm Hug At Surprise Family Reunion! (Part 2)

Remember the story about two dogs hugging each other? Well, here’s their adoption process!

About 2 years ago, Susan and David lost their toy poodle. Coping with Lucy’s death was difficult for the couple. They even kept her ashes and carried them along when going for walks. After a couple of years, they decided to get a cockapoo. Susan’s friend decided to help since she already had one. As luck would have it, the breeder was expecting a litter.

The litter came at the end of June 2019. Monty and Rosie were born together with four other cute little cockapoo pups. Of all six of them, Monty and Rosie were always together. When Susan and David came to check the puppies, they decided to pick Rosie. She was quite apart from the rest of the litter. Their friend, Jean, decided to adopt Monty.

However, Susan and Dave could not go home with Rosie immediately. They had to go on vacation for two weeks. Jean offered to keep Rosie with Monty for the time being. For those two weeks, Rosie and Monty bonded. According to Jean, they are inseparable the whole time. Susan and David Philips returned from their vacation and took Rosie home. Though they talked about the dogs on the phone, the pair never met each other until 10 months after.

Both dog parents have decided that they wouldn’t separate the duo for so long anymore. In fact, they’re planning to have their 1st birthdays together! Isn’t that just awesome?! We all love a happy ending!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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