Drowning Puppy Saved By Virginia Marine Patrol

Drowning Puppy Saved By Virginia Marine Patrol

Skip Jack, a retriever puppy, almost met a watery grave earlier this week after being swept away from the shore by a current out into the open current. Skip Jack was at a private beach with mom, Kristin Vonclein, like any ordinary day and decided to run into the ocean.

After being swept away by a strong current, Vonclein and a friend tried to save the pup but the water was much too strong. It was decided that it was best to call 911.

The current had swept the dog a good distance away from the shore, out towards the Chesapeake Bay where Marine Patrol officers Kyle Jones and Terrie Mckellips were stationed on a boat. Luckily, they were able to respond to the call immediately.

Finding the dog was a bit of a challenge since the water was choppy and filled with crab pot buoys. It had been nearly two hours since the dog had been swept away and if still alive, the dog would be tired, which would increase the chance of drowning.

Their search soon revealed a brown nose, barely above the water. The dog was hardly able to hold his body up, and most of his body was submerged. It was a miracle they had found him. Once on the boat, he collapsed from exhaustion. Thankfully, he had no major injuries besides fatigue and soreness which could be cured with rest.

The office provided the family with money for a floatation device to prevent this incident from ever happening again. His mother was extremely grateful.

Images Credit: Marine Police

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