An Elderly Dachshund Was Left At Shelter With A Heartbreaking Note, And What Happens Next Will Make You CRY!

An Elderly Dachshund Was Left At Shelter With A Heartbreaking Note, And What Happens Next Will Make You CRY!

A 13 1/2 year old dachshund named Otto Wolfgang Maximus was left at an animal shelter in Baldwin Park, CA with a heartbreaking note! The note was asking the shelter to put the little dachshund to sleep because he was sick, and his senior owners couldn’t care for him anymore. The note reported that he had struggled with skin disease, bloody stool, and vomiting and they could not afford to care for him anymore so they asked the shelter put him down.

But rescuers went against the owners’ wishes, and after finding out what happened, the owners of Otto Wolfgang Maximus, the owners asked to be reunited with the dog they left for dead!

When the little dachshund was dropped off at the shelter, nobody knew his name. Shelter workers immediately contacted a group called Leave No Paws Behind and asked if they would help so he didn’t have to be put down. They immediately went to get him and dubbed him “Harley.” As his owner’s note indicated, this sweet little guy had struggled with skin issues, vomit, and bloody stool but according to this incredible rescue group, he still has time left in him.

Keep Reading And Watch The Video Of What Happened To Otto Here!

Leave No Paws Behind is a rescue group specializing in helping senior and special needs rescues. When they heard of the little dachshund’s story, they vowed to pay for his medical care for the remainder of his life. What an incredible gift!

At the time of the video, there were plans for the little dachshund we now know as Otto to be reunited with his parents.

Watch the video below to see the full story of how Otto got a second chance at life!

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When money gets tight, as is what happened with Otto’s parents, it can be difficult to cover veterinary costs, but know if you are in a situation like this, there are options out there to help you and your fur kid. There are organizations both national and regional who are there to help if vet care or food bills seem unmanageable. Never stop fighting to do all you can for your fur kids and if you need a little help, check this list of resources to help make ends meet and give your fur kid the care they deserve. You are not alone!

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