Elon Musk Buys Something For His Dog From Etsy Creating Huge Positive Ripples!

Elon Musk Buys Something For His Dog From Etsy Creating Huge Positive Ripples!

Only about a week ago, the famous Elon Musk purchased a knitted hat for his loved companion and made a tweet to Etsy showing his love, throwing the world into a frenzy.

Elon Musk is one who is well aware of the power that social media brings and how a simple tweet can influence the markets. In many cases, this billionaire’s most famous tweets aren’t always working out in his favor, but in this case, people around the world are absolutely loving it.

Etsy is an online website that offers homemade creations from artists all around the United States. Here, dog parents and animal lovers can find creative toys, accessories, and anything else that might be needed to create a happy home.

There are whole sections of this website that offer individuals to purchase supplies, clothes, accessories, and carriers, ranging in price. Millions of people utilize this online store, including the famous Elon Musk. Now, we all know that he shops for his pet supplies on this website!

In the past Elon has shared more about his lovely family members, which include Gatsby and Marvin the Martian. These two adorable additions show up on some social media posting, driving animal lovers crazy. When Elon recently purchased the knitted looney toons inspired hat on Etsy for Marvin, he simply had to show his followers on social media.

This post accumulated over 11,000 likes and in turn, fueled a stock surge for Etsy. In response, Etsy tweeted him back, showing their love and appreciation for him, and his furry family members!

Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter

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