Emergency Crew Saves Dog From Glendale Canal

Officers are always working with immense dedication to keeping the lives of the nation safe. They are called for accidents, fires, robberies, and many other instances where help is urgently needed.

This is not limited to helping humans alone. Not at all! Over in Glendale, Phoenix, an officer went beyond his call of duty to save the life of a four-legged community member. Earlier this week, Officer Connor McCarthy received a few urgent reports about a dog that was seen to have fallen into a nearby canal. Officer McCarthy and his team rushed out to the canal to see if they could spot the drowning dog and rescue him as soon as possible.

Upon arrival at the scene, Officer McCarthy sprung into action and immediately took a dive into the water. With his team on land, the officer managed to get this poor pooch closer to land so they could help the two out of the water. They got the dog to safety and calmed him down after this life-threatening experience! Once the dog was calmer, they traveled back to the station where the crew members provided some food, water, and a lot of cuddles. Police then took the rescued pooch to a local animal rescue, namely the Homeless Animals Rescue Team that helps both homeless and lost dogs (and other animals).

Thankfully, this pooch recovered well without any injury. The heroic actions of Officer McCarthy and his team certainly saved the life of this four-legged friend, and we salute them for that!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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