English Bulldog Enjoys Top Rated Spa Service At Home!

English Bulldog Enjoys Top Rated Spa Service At Home!

This English bulldog’s name is Parker, and today is the best day of his life! Now I wish I could do that!

Parker the English bulldog is having the best day of his life thanks to the vacuum! Yeah for him it doesn’t matter whether he went to a doggy spa or not, so long as the vacuum is there and his person is there to use it, this pup is happy as ever! It’s smart too. If you have a fur kid, you know how much fur ends up everywhere so this fur baby’s person is just going straight to the source!

Remember those times when you would deliberately wet your hands so you could use the hand dryer to feel the heat while your hands dry? Well it’s that awesome feeling combined with the feeling of getting a nice massage that this bulldog is experiencing right now! Take a look and don’t forget to Like and Share this bully with your friends 🙂

Feature Image Source: Cesar Suarez

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