This English Bulldog Likes To Destroy Things!

This English Bulldog Likes To Destroy Things!

Every dog loves being active at times, especially when they’re puppies (and not sleeping). Usually, they satisfy their activity need through walks, playing with toys and barking at unidentified objects, but sometimes a puppy’s got to take matters into his own paws and chew something up really well. Those puppy teeth demand a lot of chewing!

That’s where this sweet bulldog puppy comes in. He found himself a great box for destroying and he’s focused his puppy mind or tearing it up into as many little pieces as he possibly can!

As cute as he is, we’re sure his parents will let the mess slide. Nobody can stay mad at a puppy for long 🙂

Watch the video below to see the messy bulldog!

Feature Image Source: Goran B

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