Eva The German Shepherd Is Solving Puzzles!

Eva The German Shepherd Is Solving Puzzles!

Fetch and similar games are great for improving your dog’s health, and keeping them active. But if you want to stimulate your fur kid mentally and improve their thinking abilities, puzzles are the right way to do it!

Eva, the German Shepherd Dog, has no problem solving puzzles! Of course, there is a treat included for every puzzle solved which gives her the extra motivation and makes it extra fun for her. She seems to really be enjoying herself.

This is a great game for clever dogs who tend to get bored (or into trouble) as it gives them something positive and rewarding to focus on. Not all pet stores carry them so they can be a little tricky to find depending on where you live, but Amazon has tons of them. We like the wood ones because they tend to last a little longer and stand up better over time.

Watch the video below to see Eva show us how solving this puzzle is done!

Feature Image Source: Eva GermanShepherd

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