Have You Ever Heard A Dachshund Singing Like A Star? Here's One!

Have You Ever Heard A Dachshund Singing Like A Star? Here's One!

This adorable dachshund just cant resist herself when she hears her daddy singing to her! As a way of appreciate, she sings along with him and it’s super adorable!

This adorable dachshund is trying to show off her impressive soprano singing skills and trust me, it’s worth a look! She’s sitting near the window, looking outside and howling away like no one’s watching 🙂 But have you ever wondered why our fur babies howl when music comes on?

That’s because of the high-pitch sound that comes out of music, specifically the vocals, piano, saxophones and clarinets. According to some vets, fur babies howl because they feel that a dog, somewhere off in the distance, is saying hello to them and to be polite, they howl back!

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Whether she thinks that another dog is saying hello or whether she’s just showing off her singing skills, I think this pup just made my day! Take a look at this super adorable video and don’t forget to Like and Share it with your friends 🙂

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